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2017 Busan100k Ultra Trail Race
Organizer : ()ƮϷȸ
Sponsors :̵ Ʈ(Raid Light)
Date : 2017 March. 25 ~26
Race Start : 50km March. 25 (Sat. 17:00)
100km : March. 25 (Sat. 07:00)
Cut-off Times : 50km Non-stop Race 14hrs, 100kmNon-stop Race 28hrs
Location of Race Starts and Finish : Busan Citizen Park
Registration : 2017 Jan .1 ~ Feb.28 via Official webpage
Entry fee : 50km 50,000 KRW, 100km 100,000 KRW
No refund after the deadline of registration ( Feb.28 )

(International Wire Transfer) 
Bank address : 
20, Sejong-daero 9-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul

Beneficiary Bank : Shinhan Bank 


Account Number : 110-435-782707 

Beneficiary Name : Hwang Seonyong
Email: hwang2482@naver.com  .  bs100k@naver.com 
opouep oporo 448-34, kwangju city, Kyounggido. KUMF

Souvenir : TBD
- Mandatory : Trail running shoes, backpack for running, water bottle (with capacity to carry min. 1lt), lightweight jacket, headlamps(with extra batteries, food reserve, survival blanket, first-aid medicines (athletic tape, bandage, etc.), whistle, mobile phone
- Optional: energy food, buff, ankle warmer, walking pole, waterproof jacket, gloves, camera, etc.
50km : 1st to 3rd place (Trophy and prize)
100km :1st to 3rd place (Trophy and prize)
- Register at : Songjeong Beach, Haeundae-gu, Busan (Haeundae Youth Center)

* Jangsan Station Transfer from Subway to Bus No. 38, 39, 40, 63 or 100 Arrive at Songjeong Beach Entrance
* Jangsan Station Taxi to Haeundae Youth Center (Fare 3,500 won)
* Seomyeon Station (Busan Subway Line 1) Transfer to Busan Subway Line 2 Jangsan Station
* Busan Station Bus No. 1001, 1003, 63 or 141 Songjeong Beach Entrance
* Busan Subway Line 1 at Nopo-dong Express Bus Terminal Seomyeon Station Transfer to Busan Subway Line 2 Jangsan
* Busan Subway Line 2 from Sasang Terminal Jangsan Station
- 50km Start Line : Changgi village, Dong-myeon, Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
  ( We are planning to run shuttle buses between Songjeong Beach and Changgi village.)
- 50km, 100km Finish Line : Songjeong Beach, Haeundae-gu, Busan
- Information Desk : Haeundae Youth Center, Tel. 051-703-8251
  ( There will be shower and locker facilities provided for participants at the Haeundae Youth Center which is accessible by bus
  and subway. There will be no shuttle service.)
Race Schedule
March. 24 (Friday)
11:00 ~ 17:00 Race Participant Check-in
17:00 ~ 18:00 Gear Check
18:00 ~ 20:00 Race Briefing and Buffet Dinner
March.25 (Saturday)
3/25 - 07:00 Race Start
3/26 - 11:00 Race Finish
3/25 - 16:00 Race Start
3/26 - 08:00 Race Finish
opouep oporo 448-34, kwangju city, Kyounggido. KUMF
⵵ ֽ
448 34  ()ƮϷȸ 繫
Phone: 010-8150-9361, ̸: hwang2482@naver.com
1. You must carry backpack for running, water bottle, jacket, survival blanket, first-aid medicines, emergency food, etc. at all times during the race.
2. Your race number must be visible at all times on the outside of your clothing and on the front of your body. Do not cover over your race number with any backpack strap or article of clothing.
3. Drink and snack will be offered at every 10 to 15km-mark checkpoint.
4. You must obey directions of course marshals, otherwise may be disqualified based on the severity of the breach. (Any participant who takes short cuts will get a penalty or disqualified.)
5. If you intend to withdraw from the event,you must notifyrace officials that you are withdrawing from the event and get back to the finish line assisted by event officials.
6. Event officials (or volunteers) assigned by the event organizer may order you to withdraw from the event for your own safety and you must obey directions of event officials.
7. As first aid treatment may not be available at all times during the race given the nature of trail running, if you feel unable to continue the race, you must stop the race and move to the next checkpoint or make anemergency call to 119.
8. You must be responsible for your own safety in case you run on the road. Organizers of race are not held accountable for any car accident.
9. You must abide by traffic signs (crossing the road is allowed only when the traffic light turns green) when you run on the road. If not, you may get a penalty or disqualified.
10. Wearing of music players with earphones is not allowed for the safety of runners on the road.
11. There are time limits to reach each checkpoint(CP). You will be disqualified if you do leave each checkpoint after the set time limit.
12. Each participant is responsible for their own safety for potential injury or car accident whilst participating in the race.
13. Please ensure that you are sufficiently skilled to undertake drastic environmental change stemming from potential weather deterioration in mountain areas (i.e. low temperature, strong wind, rain, or snow). The race organizers are not held responsible for any disadvantage that may be caused by such weather conditions. (The race organizers may either change the Event course or cancel the Event due to weather conditions.)
14. You acknowledge and agree that whilst participating in the race, race organizers have ownership for race results, photographs, videos, and/or film likeness, and you will bring no claim if the Event organizer intends to use those contents for media release (i.e. TV, newspaper, magazine, internet, etc.)
15. You acknowledge and agree to abide by the race rules specified above.
The organizer of the race has public liability insurance cover. This does not include personal accident insurance for participants. We recommend that you arrange your own personal accident insurance cover if you want to claim medical expense for any unforeseen accidents.
1. The organizer of the race has public liability insurance cover. This does not include personal accident insurance for participants. We recommend that you arrange your own personal accident insurance cover if you want to claim medical expense for any unforeseen accidents.
2. Each participant must be responsible for his/her own safety as the insurance of the race only covers accidents specified on terms of insurance.
3. I acknowledge and agree that Disease is an abnormal body condition or an incorrect functioning of organ, part, or system of the body, which includes, but not limited to, myocardial infarction (a heart attack), brain hemorrhage, dyspnea (difficulties with breath), vomiting, muscle pain, and etc. Such diseases are not covered by the race insurance.



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